Want to become part of the iTradesmen Team? iTradesmen Group value good quality tradesmen who have a passion for providing an exceptional service and are a reliable source for SEQ repairs. Join us now by signing up below and we'll be in contact to discuss working with us in the future.

The iTradesmen 4 step process.

iTradesmens 4 step process makes it easy to join the team and start working with us.

01 Application submission

Head to our website to fill out the contractor application form. Here, you will need to submit your details including insurance and licence details.


02 Application review

One of our team members will review your application and check all required details are provided and current.

03 Meet the team

One of our team members will be in contact with you to either have a chat over the phone or meet to discuss working with iTradesmen.


04 Work orders submitted

Once iTradesmen are happy with your application we will start sending work orders via email as discussed with you.

For applicants, please click the link below and download the form. Once completed please email the copy to

Good luck :)

Contractor Application Form